Mother and daughter

Maya and Stephy, mother and daughter, have a a very close and warm relationship and they enjoy nothing more than to dedicate their time and love to their large family and the nurturing of their friendships. They both work, whilst juggling their many family responibilities which their large family demands. For Stephy, as for every busy mum, it is a question of give and take – driving the kids to their boxing, football and hockey training and supporting their cooking, crafts and many other hobbies, whilst simultaneously managing her growing catering business. Maya works fulltime for the family business but also spends a lot of time with her growing family, 23 strong, as well as dedicating her energy to several social and culturally oriented charities. Together, despite their many commitments, they have plunged themselves wholeheartedly into the creation of their jewellery line, Chicken and Egg.

The idea to make a jewel with pictures of your children, your lover, a beloved pet or to signify a unique place or moment, which you want to carry with you and hold dear, has everything to do with the advanced technology that makes this possible. The making of a webshop with inspiring design and content where you are able to create the jewel that you want to own or give away was our primary objective. Your creation will always be unique because the pictures you choose are unique and no one has the same jewel unless you decide to give it to a loved one. Jewellery in silver, red and yellow gold, thick or thin, with beautifully shaped charms adorned with wonderful pictures. And we have not forgotten about the men, fathers and sons! We have wonderful cufflinks on our site which can be adorned by a photo as well. A superb and unique gift!

So don’t hesitate to find or make some wonderful pictures which you can upload to our site and our goldsmiths will create a unique jewel for you or for someone you love. We are sure that we will create a very special and unique jewel, which will be cherished for decades.

Handmade in The Netherlands

Chicken and Egg jewels are handmade in the Netherlands and can be either in sterling silver or 14 carats solid yellow, white or rose gold. To make your jewel even more unique we can offer the possibility of embellishing your keepsake with either diamonds or pearls. Our diamonds are set in a 14kt gold, whitegold or silver casing and are only available for the small chains. The diamonds are two point carats.

A charm of a jewel

Design your personal jewel made from silver, gold, rose gold or white gold