When can I expect my order?

You can expect your order to be delivered within 10 days. If there is a delay to your order we will notify you by email. There may be the occasional delay due to Customs Clearance processes-which are out of our control. We are unfortunately unable to provide an estimate of your import tax obligations.

Can I receive my order earlier?

Rather than waiting for your jewel to be delivered we can provide you with a Chicken and Egg gift card. This enables you to offer your wonderful gift before the actual bracelet is delivered. Our gift cards feature your custom design so it really is the next best thing you can give to your loved one until the real deal arrives!

Can I return the jewel?

Our bracelets and jewellery are of a personalised nature therefore we are unfortunately not able to accept returns. However if there are clear deficiencies in the design or the jewel, you can return it to us and we will, where possible, repair the defects. In case repairs are not possible you will have the option to request a refund.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled within 48 hours after the order is placed on our webstore.

What should I do if the item is damaged?

All of our jewellery is produced in the Netherlands and we only use the best quality materials. However, If you notice any damage or faults, please contact us via info@chickenandegg.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

What size should I order?

Watch our video (link) on how to order and you can determine your size. Alternatively, determining your wrist size is easy with a piece of string or tape. Wrap a tape measure around your wrist but not too tight. Then read the size from the measuring tape. In the absence of a tape measure, wrap a string in the same way to your wrist.

Put a mark on the string where the string is completely enveloped around your wrist. Place the string along a ruler and take your reading


Nog makkelijker is een goed passende armband op te meten en deze lengte aan te houden. Voor ons Olympia bandje raden we aan voor een wat strakker bandje te gaan, dan komt deze beter tot zijn recht.

Can I customise the jewel?

There is the possibility to add additional images at a later stage and make inscriptions or additional embellishments such as pearls and diamonds. You can send us an email with your exact requirements and we will send you a cost estimate as soon as possible.

Does Chicken and Egg ship worldwide?

Yes we provide worldwide shipping.

What is the cost of shipping?

Delivery within the Netherlands is free of charge, International shipping estimates will be provided upon placing your order.

What payment options does Chicken and Egg accept?

Currently we accept Ideal, Credit Card and Paypal.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at info@chickenandegg.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.